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Letztes Spiel:93:79Fr 31.05.in KarlsruheBericht
Letztes Spiel:80:92So 02.06.vs KarlsruheBericht

Thrilling atmosphere at the Ballsporthalle

David Thomas beim Einstands-Dunk (Foto: Anna Hopfl) 5.002 were celebrating at the Ballsporthalle on Sunday afternoon already prior to the actual game of the day. The team took up the hype, went highly motivated into the contest against ALBA Berlin and took the lead right away. Soon after, the new player, David Thomas, made a big entrance on his new home court when he left Berlin's Pesic at the arc, went into the zone and finished his move with a spectacular dunk right in the face of Stanojevic - making the score 6-0!

A predominantly defense-lead game developed. With few points but hard work and much heart and dedication. After a well-balanced first half, the teams went into intermission at a score of 33-30 in favor of the OPEL SKYLINERS.

During second half, both teams spent a lot of time at the free throw line. Neither one wanted to allow the opposing team easily-made points. Consequently, Frankfurt and Berlin added up 59 free throws in total. The last four of them were easily converted by Pascal Roller in the closing minutes of the contest - each one of them raising the noise level at the sold-out Ballsporthalle even higher.

The quarters: 67-59 (11-15, 22-15, 16-15, 18-14)