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Letztes Spiel:93:79Fr 31.05.in KarlsruheBericht
Letztes Spiel:80:92So 02.06.vs KarlsruheBericht

Victory in ULEB Cup gambled away in 1st quarter

Over three quarters of the contest vs. Valencia the OPEL SKYLINERS were able to hold pace with the current leader of the Spanish basketball league. Unfortunately, they gave away the first quarter with 28-7 - too big a leeway for the Frankfurt team to ever make up against a team that is currently considered a hot aspirant for the ULEB Cup title by many experts.

Even though our team managed to cut Valencia's lead down a few points during some phases of the game, however, Valencia usually had the right answer and secured themselves a 94-66 home win adding 2 points to their record.

With 15 points and 5 rebounds - followed by Robert Garrett with 14 points - Andy Kwiatkowski scored the most points from among the Frankfurt team. With an excellent debut: Canadian national team player, David Thomas, who had his first game in the jersey of the OPEL SKYLINERS. He was trying to resist the obvious defeat with remarkable 13 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists.

The next and last game of the OPEL SKYLINERS in the first round of the ULEB Cup against the Italian club Baskettown Roseto on January 14th will now be a true end game. Do or die: The winning team will move to the next round.

The quarters: 94-66 (28-7, 21-22, 22-18, 23-19)